Blueberry Swamp Pie

July 25, 2021

I used America’s Test Kitchen’s (ATK) foolproof pie dough recipe and Erin McDowell’s Book On Pie (BOP) blueberry swamp pie recipe. It is a fairly classic blueberry pie with streusel topping, but just before it finishes baking, you pull it out of the oven and flood the filling with a custard before popping it back in for a few more minutes.



After cooling and slicing:

I wasn’t able to fit all the recipe amount of custard into the pie without overflowing the crust, so I poured the remainder into a ramekin and baked it in a bain marie for a little chef’s treat. The pie itself tasted surprisingly like a straightforward blueberry pie. Maybe if I had been able to fit the rest of the custard in it would have affected the flavor and texture more than it did. My berries were a little on the tart side, so overall it is a very tart pie. After slicing and refrigerating the reminder overnight, I can see that it is slumping a bit. This pie uses flour as its thickener.

PPS (Post Pie Script): after a few days in the fridge, the tartness of this pie mellowed out and it set up more. Sometimes pies are better the next day!