Cinnamon Plum Pie

August 17, 2021

I followed ATK’s foolproof pie dough recipe using 2T of buttermilk powder and King Arthur’s pastry flour blend in for the all-purpose flour. For the filling I followed Erin McDowell’s cinnamon plum pie recipe from her Book On Pie.

The crust came out much better this time than the last time I tried the pastry flour blend. I think the issue last time was that it wasn’t sufficiently chilled before going in the oven, which led to meltage.

The filling took longer than anticipated to cook down to the right consistency. If I make it again I would start it at a higher heat on the stovetop.

It was a little loose the first night, but after chilling for a day, the second-day slices held together well. If I make this again, I might plan to chill it for a full day before serving it.

The filling was delicious, the streusel on top nice and crunchy, and the crust came out great! This is the first pie that has passed the sturdy pie challenge!